No, we do not pay the mentors. Mentors usually are highly experienced engineering leads who have other incentives: give back, nurturing their network, improve their coaching skills. 

What's the incentives of mentors then? You already want to dedicate time to help other. But you don't want to spend time on:

  1. Scheduling and rescheduling calls with mentees: We take care of all the scheduling and rescheduling for you.
  2. Spend time with irrelevant mentees you won't be able to help: we take care of the matching for you in terms of experience and profile
  3. Take the time to take care of the follow-up after the calls: after a 30 min call, we take care of the follow-ups for you. Either this call was enough and we'll ask the mentee to give you some news about the situation. Either this call requires other calls and we'll organize some follow-up calls.

Also, we happen to organise regular networking event to get mentors know each other and nurture their network. Here is one of them

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