We’ve extensively interviewed a bench of mentors to know what types of problems they’ve faced in the past. When we bring on a new mentor, we ask them for stories of challenges they’ve faced in their managerial history. Usually, they tell us where they have been particularly good, or where they screwed up but stepped back and learned a lot from this situation. This way, we can match mentors with the exact problems our users are having.It’s a resolved tricky situation of management experienced by a mentor in the past. Usually, it can be summarized in one-page with three big parts: 

  1. Facts
  2. Consequences
  3. Resolution

We rather like stories that are likely to be experienced by other persons in other companies. 

Here are some interesting topics:

  • hiring issues/mistakes
  • salary negotiations
  • acknowledging a mistake as a manager
  • rock star employee
  • handling cultural differences in the team
  • struggling to delegate
  • sexual harassment
  • ...

Here is an example: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QzPptIiQ7lBJJgTFxjzdFiFXufH6gLya2UpH_pmQZBA/edit

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